Ms. McLaurin


Welcome to your 2nd Grade class at Lexington,
Let's get ready for an awesome 2018-2019 school year!

Hi, there! My name is Ms.McLaurin, I have been teaching 12+years  This will mark my 8th year being at Lexington!  I hold a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education 1-8.  I also have a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 

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As always, if you need me call me at Lexington 322-9753 ext 4495
or email me:
Some Important Things to Remember

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MsMcLaurin's ELA Class @mcela2
MsMcLaurin's Homeroom @aprilmc

READ, READ, READ every night, practice pays off!

Lexington Yellow folders will go home and will need to be returned to school 
everyday. Please help your child remember to empty papers on the Keep at Home side.

Sign & Return papers will go home on Tuesdays.
 Please sign the bottom of the conduct sheet and return the 
Yellow Folder with papers included the next day.

On Mondays, Mrs. Bloomer and I will put a new Classroom Newsletter in the Yellow folder. 

 Conduct sheets will be sent home each day and will need to stay in your child’s Yellow Folder—Please review it & return to school the next day. Do not sign until it is attached to your child's papers on Tuesdays.

Spelling homework will be given on a worksheet. Students are to complete the day's section each night. Please turn in homework only on Fridays.

Spelling can be practiced daily or as often as you think your child should. 

Homework is primarily used only for practice of the day’s lesson and includes material that your child will be tested on for that week.

Please remember to review and study all information and pages sent home.